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forgot what she was going to say
United States
...a time capsule full of horribly embarrassing things that you'd been trying to forget about having been associated with.  No, but seriously. Not that anyone actually checks this anymore, but uh. I've hidden all of my old art. All of it. I'll probably move some of the gift art and stuff back out later once I have the time to wade through the junk, but uhh..sorta busy right now.  I just figured, since I was on here and checking something already, I might as well do this.  It's nice that there's a storage feature now. Last time I used DA (which was,god, 3-4 years ago?) there was not. :U Times, they are a-changin'. Really, DA in general has changed. I'm baffled.

Anyway. Most of the stuff that's left on here (like my profile information) is seriously out of date. I'll handle that later, perhaps.

And hell, who knows? Maybe I'll eventually upload some other stuff here. Maybe. IDK.

I've got a speech to be writing, so I'll be getting back to that now. Cheers, everyone.

(Also: Happy 0⑨/0⑨/0⑨!)
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BRENDAARY Jul 3, 2009
Hey, you have a so funny icon
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hieislover07 Dec 7, 2006  Hobbyist General Artist
hi there carrie-san!!! just wanted to let you know that im watching your da now.... see you in stat class...
Khorosho Jun 27, 2006
I'm going to join the crowd of people who say they dig your avatar. That scene in Superstar Saga was the best. Additionally, your art is awesome too. :)
one of the best avatars i have seen in my f*cking life XD
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